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The founder of by kariné, Karin Eensaar, creates exquisite jewellery that makes every day feel like something very special


“Every day is a day that’s worth wearing jewellery,” says designer Karin Eensaar. As the founder of the jewellery brand by kariné, Karin creates bold but wearable pieces that really can make every day a special occasion.   Born in Estonia, Karin is an certified gemologist who trained at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and at London’s Gem Testing Laboratory. Before establishing by kariné – which has a boutique in Tallinn, Estonia and has studios in Switzerland and Russia – she worked in Antwerp’s famous gem district, where she evaluated and traded precious stones.

  “I was fascinated with their essence,” she says. “I was fascinated by their purity, their intensity and their rarity, and I realised that my true calling was to create.”

  So Karin began designing her own jewellery, using the gems that she was passionate about as the starting point for each design. “The gem itself dictates almost everything,” says Karin. “Nature has already done half the job.”



Karin is particularly fascinated by South Sea pearls, which feature in many of her pieces. “I adore big and powerful baroque pearls,” she says. “I love their unique beauty, individuality,

magnificence and timelessness.” And she enjoys combining classic gems with a modern twist to create something that is both strong but feminine.

“I like to play with different precious stones and materials, within the confines of modern and classical, and to surprise with shape and form,” she says, picking out her chunky but elegant Iceberg pieces as key examples. Crafted from jet with gold and South Sea pearls, Karin describes them as “conventional in a new form and an unexpected ensemble”.

  “I do like jewellery with character,” she says. “I like it in the same way that I like people with character.” Perhaps this is why the by kariné brand is all about individuality and personality. Karin’s bold but feminine aesthetic attracts modern, confident women who want to look their very best every day.

  “I design for women who dare and wish to be original and to express their personality and uniqueness through their jewellery,” she adds, “to stand out from the crowd.” While her designs may play with convention, Karin is also ever conscious of their wearability, creating pieces designed to be worn – and shown off – every single day.



“It can be quite a challenge to create jewellery that is expressive but, at the same time, neither too grandiose nor too modest,” she says. “It is so easy to go to the extremes. ‘Personal’ and ‘wearable’ are very important keywords for me. I would not create anything that could not be worn by someone.”



  In 2014, by kariné celebrated its 10th anniversary and launched Lifestyle by kariné clothing line. It was a real surprise for all as we are still talking about jewelry designer  …but the clothing line has turned out real success and every woman who loves everyday luxury and comfort style founds something adorable from the timeless selection. lifestyle by kariné clothing line values natural materials and easy siluettes which bring out all the beauty of the person who wears it.

The collection can be seen in by kariné’s studio, Suur-Karja 2, Tallinn, Estonia.  

Karin is intensely proud of all that she has achieved since setting up her own business. “It takes imagination, specific knowledge, perseverance and integrity to create a lifestyle brand,” says Karin. “And it rewards you by being a creative, beautiful, challenging vocation. All the extremes are there, but that is what fascinates me and keeps me going.”   Karin’s passion for her craft shines through in each of her designs. Inspired by that firm belief that “every day is a day worth wearing jewellery” she creates stunningly beautiful pieces for women who want to stand out each and every day – whatever the occasion.