"We haven’t changed our mind, it’s an evolution."
- Susan M. Jacques, GIA Laboratory President & CEO

During the LAB Diamond Week, we offer the opportunity to come and see different lab-grown diamonds (in terms of different cuts, colors, purity and quality). We will discuss what to notice about LAB diamonds in general, what exactly is written on the certificate and much more. Take this opportunity to take your diamonds with you to learn more about them.

Come and get your questions answered November 12 - 21. Together we will find the most suitable LAB diamond for you.

It may be thought that laboratory-made diamonds are not real diamonds. But laboratory-grown diamonds have exactly the same physical, chemical and optical properties as underground-grown diamonds. Therefore, since August 2020, the American Institute of Gemmology has begun to issue the same certificates for laboratory-grown diamonds as for underground diamonds.

For comparison, Mikimoto, who similarly changed the development of seawater pearls. Before he started growing seawater pearls on controlled farms, the industry used to look for shells on the seabed. At first, it seemed dubious to the classic market share, but over time it became a new norm and began to be followed.

We look forward to seeing you!


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